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  • A subterranean fungus, this edible gift of nature is globally renowned for its rarity, price, aroma and earthy gastronomic perfection. The truffle is a revered culinary ingredient in Italian, French, Spanish and haute cuisine.

  • The strong aroma of truffles is alleged to excite the palate and senses. Its aphrodisiac properties is purported to create a euphoric high after consumption.

  • Somewhat between a cross of a garlicky mushroom and aged cheese. Truffles bring out deep flavours and add a totally new dimension to the food when thinly shaved over simple dishes.

Diamond of the Culinary World

Unique, Aromatic, Decadent, Superbly Delicious !

The Truffle - "Diamond of the Kitchen." -French gastronome Brillat-Savarin

CANADA - Edmonton, Nov 26 - Vancouver, Nov 29 - Toronto, Jan 22, 2013
USA - Portland-OR, Dec 3 &4, Napa Valley-CA, Dec 9, Thousand Oaks-CA, Dec 12

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Piedmont's Best

Elusive as Hidden Treasure, wild truffles grow deep in the soil among the roots of oak, poplar, willows trees; lime and hazelnut bushes.

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Who's Hosting

Every year, culinary professionals and connoisseurs, tycoons and celebrities converge at in Alba for the White Truffle Festival.

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Who's Talking

Watch videos, read the latest event news, and stories on the mysterious allure behind the revered truffles and the hunt for these prized ingredients.

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